Arizona Winter Visitors Association

The Arizona Winter Visitors Association (AWVA) is the best kept secret in Arizona. AWVA was formed in 1992 by a group of 100 winter visitors.

The initial objective of the association was to form "Networks" consisting of businesses specializing in health, finance and travel. AWVA works daily to perfect its programs, service and benefits for winter visitors. Today, there is in place a network for Travel, U.S. and Canadian Health, currency exchange, Public Affairs, Banking/Credit Union and special events.
Contrary to some beliefs, winter visitors are grateful to their host communities. While they come to Arizona to enjoy the sunshine and warm climate, they contribute in many ways through volunteering to numerous public agencies and supporting community projects and to the welfare of its youth and elderly. They ask only for warm weather during their stay. They can solve their own problems through participation and as members of the Arizona Winter Visitors Association. They are and want to be your neighbor and friend, and AWVA works to help them accomplish that.
Our goal is to offer both American and Canadian insurance coverage, travel discounts, currency exchange services, emergency travel services, store discounts, newspaper subscription services, offer "Lifetime Memberships" and other benefits too numerous to mention.
We still have serious challenges ahead…we need volunteers to help with phone coverage during the week. AWVA phone number is 480 233-0111. We need to attract both new and current members with desirable benefits, solicit sponsors, update computer files, assist in organizing our once popular "Welcome Winter Visitors" get-together for the all of this year and the spring of 2012, and assist with the selling of our "Arizona Winter Visitors" cookbooks.